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Griechischer Aeroclub

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Segelflug Club Athen

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Aeroclub Edessa

Edessa Aeroclub or to use the formal name Macedonian Aerosports Center
has facilities located 18km west and about 30 minutes drive from the city of Edessa. The coordinates are 38deg52.25min N / 027deg26.35minE, airfield elevation is 600m and can be found on the map just north of Lake Vergoriti and next to the town Panagitsa at the foot of Mount Voras.

The runway is packed dirt 1350m long and 25m wide. A parallel runway of 1000 is under construction. The immediate boundaries of the runway as well as adjacent areas are rough ground and are not suitable for aircraft operations.
Facilities consist of clubhouse with kitchen, bunk house, hotel, tower, main hangar 12m X 35m and several smaller storage hangars. The club fleet includes 1 Ka-7, 1 L-13 Blanik, 1 Bergfalke trainer and 2 Ka-6.
2 twin drum Tost winches are used for launching.

All types of lift are common in the immediate area. During the summer months a light mountain breeze from the East around 1200 hrs usually signals the beginning of thermal activity and as it strengthens the local ridge 3 km to West starts to work giving easy access to the surrounding peaks of Mount Voras 2525m.
Summer cloudbases are usually around 2600m and on good days over 3000m
with best thermal strengths 5m/sec and average strengths of 2.5m/sec.
The best thermal season is during the month of July and early August when pilots from   the rest of Greece head North to avoid the annual Meltemi winds.Tasks in an East-West direction along the border are possible as well as North-South after connecting with the Pindus mountain chain. Mountain waves are common though less so in summer with the best wind direction being NW where contact with the wave is possible right off launch.




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Aeroclub Agrinion

Agrinio Aeroclub is located 3km to the west of the city of Agrinion.
Coordinates are 38deg36.8minN / 021deg23.7minW  with runway elevation 48m.
The concrete runway is 1200m and was once used by the airlines before
the new military airport 4km to west was built.

Facilities include clubhouse and a 10m X 20m hangar that houses mostly ultralights. The club fleet consists of a Ka-7 and a twin drum winch.

Local soaring utilizes thermals which in the summer begin before 1200 with average thermal strengths around 2.5m/sec. Mount Panaitoliko 1925m is
18 km to the east and is an easy jump to the Pindus mountain range.

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Aeroclub Ioannina

Kopais Flugplatz

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Lamia Flugplatz

Sparta Flugplatz

Kolchiko Flugplatz

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Lechio Flugplatz