Παλαιά φωτογραφία πριν γίνει το υπόστεγο




Coordinates N 38° 27.41'  ,  E 023° 08.18'

Elevation 90m , Length 600m , Width 30m

Runway heading 09-27

Airfield Frequency  119,70 Mhz

Kopaida is a privately owned turf strip about an hours drive from Athens . The airfield boundaries are
outlined in red in the accompanying photograph with the landing strip running along the Northern boundary. There are 25m safety zones on either side of the runway and approaches are free of obstacles.

The local area is reclaimed swampland now intensively cultivated with numerous irrigation and drainage canals. The major crop is cotton. Rocky hills punctuate the area and 1750m Elikona mountain lies 18km Southwest and 2450m Parnassos 42km West. An easy transition to the major peaks of the Pindus chain running NW-SE all the way to the Albanian frontier is therefor assured.

Mountain lee waves are common with the most favorable wind direction being SW as this is perpendicular to the Pindus chain with the possibility of long flights.

These wind conditions are most prevalent from mid March to the end of May. Thermal conditions are good with best average strengths of 2m/sec and up to 5m/sec in the mountains. The soaring season is from mid March to the end of August. The prevailing North Meltemi wind from mid July to mid August usually produces unfavorable soaring conditions in the area East of the Pindus and South of about the 40th parallel so cross country flights originate from Edessa in Northern Greece during this period.

Usable thermals start around 1130 local time and end about an hour before sunset. Afternoon convergence lines are common with sea, mountain and valley effects producing complex local flows and long lines of usable lift.

Flying in the area is by prior arrangement with the owner, George Papadopoulos - Tel. 030 977 612200.


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